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AM-3013T - DinoLite Plus

Featured with unique Microtouch snapshot, the AM313T offers the user another option of the way taking the picture.    Without visible physical snapshot button, the Microtouch was designed to minimize the vibration when taking the picture under microscope.     The Microtouch had also seamlessly integrated with the DinoCapture software along with other AM313's features like measurement and LED control.
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Dino-Lite Meiji Techno Zaturn Microscope MetImage วิเคราะห์โครงสร้างเหล็ก Metavis Atoms Precision measuring

AM3013T มาแทน AM313T ให้ความสว่างและสีสันสวยขึ้น และวัดแบบปรับตั้งความแม่นยำคือ Calibrate ได้

An amazing, easy to use handheld digital microscope with USB output interface. High resolution magnification at your fingertips! Detailed examination of any area you choose. With additional accurate measurement and power point features allowing detailed analysis and documentation of captured images. Model AM313 also has 8 (as opposed to 4) LED’s with an on/off feature for additional illumination as well as glare reduction.

Ideal for a wide variety of practical applications in the classroom, workplace and even the home. Can be used for science and engineering work and study, dermatology (skin/scalp) exam, detailed repair, assembly and quality control (i.e. electronics, mechanical, etc), hobbies & collecting (coin, stamp, watch, jewelry, etc.), law enforcement (counterfeit ID, crime lab, etc), entertainment or simply as a reading aid. Just use your imagination!

Included with each Dino-Lite digital microscope is a copy of the "DinoCapture" software, enabling you to "capture" either a photograph, video or time-lapsed video with a simple click!

- Resolution: 640* 480pixels (VGA)
Adjustable magnification: 10x~50x, 200x
Built-in 8 white-light LED illumination (software switchable)
MicroTouch snapshot
Frame rate: up to 30fps
Interface: High speed USB image transmission (PC)
Dimension:10cm (Height) *3.2CM (R)
Weight: 90g
Software: DinoCapture
With measurement capability
Support Operation System: Windows Vista, XP Professional x64 Edition, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE, or Windows Server 2003


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